About the Collectors

Configure the Hygieia Executive Collectors to display metrics on the Hygieia Executive Dashboard. These metrics give the DevOps state of maturity and risk that are tracked by Hygieia.

Each widget has a collector that generates these metrics and saves the information in MongoDB. The dashboard displays information based on the information saved in MongoDB.

Portfolio Collector

The Portfolio collector builds the structure of each portfolio. Each portfolio consists of the relation between the executive that owns the portfolio, the products under the portfolio, and the components under the product.

The portfolio collector does the following:

  • Passes the list of portfolios to each metrics collector
  • Runs the metrics’ collectors one after the other

Metrics Collectors

Each metric collector queries to fetch data from the database, and aggregates the data to generate the count or metrics.

While aggregating the data, the metrics collector uses the list of portfolios passed by the portfolio collector to associate the metrics with a portfolio, product and component or environment combination.

Based on the metric type, each of the corresponding metric collectors then store the aggregated metrics data into its own metric collection in the database.

Hygieia uses Spring Boot to package the collectors as an executable JAR file with dependencies.

Setup Instructions

To configure the Portfolio and Metric collectors, execute the following steps:

  • Step 1: Change Directory

Change the current working directory to the collectors directory of your Hygieia Executive source code installation.

In the terminal, run the following command:

cd C:/Users/[username]/hygieia/analysis/
  • Step 2: Run Maven Build

Run the maven build to package the collectors into an executable jar file:

mvn clean install

The output file analysis.jar is generated in the analysis/target folder.

  • Step 3: Set Parameters in the Application Properties File

Set the configurable parameters in the application.properties file to connect to the analyticsdb MongoDB database instance, including properties required by the Portfolio and Metrics Collectors.

For information about sourcing the application properties file, refer to the Spring Boot Documentation.

To configure parameters for the Portfolio and Metrics Collectors, refer to the sample application.properties file.

  • Step 4: Deploy the Executable File

To deploy the analysis.jar file, change directory to analysis/target, and then execute the following from the command prompt:

java -jar ./analysis.jar -Djasypt.encryptor.password=hygieiasecret --spring.config.location=[path to application.properties file]

Sample Application Properties File

The sample application.properties file lists parameter values to configure the Hygieia Executive Collectors. Set the parameters based on your environment setup.

# MongoDB Details

logging.file=<log file path>

portfolio.cron=0 0/30 * * * *

#Enable/Disable SCM Collector

#Enable/Disable Incident Collector

#Enable/Disable Library Policy Collector

#Enable/Disable Static Code Collector

#Enable/Disable Unit Test Collector

#Enable/Disable AuditResult Collector

#Enable/Disable Security Collector

#Enable/Disable Performance Collector