The Hygieia Executive Dashboard API layer contains all common REST API services that work with the source system data, which the service tasks collect.

Hygieia uses Spring Boot to package the API as an executable JAR file with dependencies.

Setup Instructions

To configure the Hygieia Executive API layer, execute the following steps:

  • Step 1: Run Maven Build

    To package the API source code into an executable JAR file, run the Maven build from the /HygieiaExecutive directory of your source code installation:

    mvn clean install

    The output file api.jar is generated in the /api/target folder.

  • Step 2: Set Parameters in the API Properties File

    Set the configurable parameters in the file to connect to the dashboard MongoDB database instance, including properties required by the API module. To configure the parameters, refer to the API properties file.

    For more information about the server configuration, see the Spring Boot documentation.

  • Step 3: Run the API

    To run the executable file, change directory to ‘api/target’ and then execute the following command from the command prompt:

    java -jar ./api.jar -Djasypt.encryptor.password=hygieiasecret --spring.config.location=[path to]/Hygieia/api/ -Djasypt.encryptor.password=hygieiasecret 
    #[-Djasypt.encryptor.password= This is required for passing encrypted passwords]

    Verify API access from the web browser using the URL: http://localhost:8080/api/ping.

    By default, the server starts at port 8080 and uses the context path /api. You can configure these values in the file for the following properties:


    Note: The ‘jasypt.encryptor.password’ system property is used to decrypt the database password.

API Properties File

The sample file lists parameters with sample values to configure the API layer. Set the parameters based on your environment setup.


# IP of the Tomcat server running the API	
server.address=<host_ip>(default is 8080)
server.port=<server port running the api>