To create and edit markdown files for the documentation of Hygieia Executive Dashboard, follow the instructions given below:

  • Step 1: Clone the gh-pages branch from your fork

    To make updates to documentation locally, clone the gh-pages branch from your fork:

    git clone -b gh-pages <<your-repo>/ExecDashboard.git>
  • Step 2: Create and Edit Markdown files

    • Location Details

      All markdown files are saved in the Pages folder in the gh-pages branch. Create and edit all markdown files in this folder.

      All screenshots are saved at media/images/. You can add and save all screenshots to this folder.

    • Frontmatter for Pages

      Make sure each page has frontmatter at the top as follows:

      title: Create and Edit the Documentation
      toc: true
      summary: Contribute to Hygieia Executive documentation by creating new content or editing the existing documentation.
      sidebar: hygieia_sidebar
      permalink: documentation.html

    For a tutorial on GitHub-flavored markdown, see the GitHub Guide.

  • Step 3: Make Changes to the Table of Contents

    To link new files to the table of contents, edit the YAML files available in the /_data/sidebars folder in gh-pages branch.

    To make changes to the top-navigation in the web pages, edit the topnav.yml file in the /_data folder.

  • Step 4: Commit Changes

    Once you finish making changes to the markdown files, commit your changes. In the command line or terminal, execute the following steps:

    git add <your file name>
    git commit -m “Initial commit”
    git push origin gh-pages
  • Step 5: Create a Pull Request

    To propose your changes to the documentation, create and submit a pull request. For information on Pull Requests, see the GitHub documentation.

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