Hygieia appears in two self-contained dashboards – one for engineers and another for executives - that visually depict CICD pipelines. In essence, Hygieia itself is an aggregator that pulls data from various DevOps tools that teams use in their CICD pipeline, making it easily digestible in dashboard view(s). Although it is an easily manipulated tool, Hygieia provides complex insights into the following areas:

  • DevOps Maturity: It offers fully automated CICD tracking quality and pipeline speed
  • Risk Management and Investing: It connects operational metrics to developmental metrics, offering a full understanding of where to invest in order to improve processes that reduce unnecessary risk taking in the future
  • On-going Enhancements for Agile Environments: It quantifies DevOps metrics to track and improve DevOps maturity
  • Establishes and Raises Standards: It sets and achieves a profile for maturity metrics and products. When products dip below the bar, it triggers an alert notification. In addition, this bar goes up incrementally to ensure that all products undergo simultaneous improvements

What Makes Hygieia Important?

Hygieia’s dashboards simplify the ability to view CICD pipelines in near real-time. The dashboards enable DevOps engineers and executives to monitor the health of code commit to deployment in final production. Between those two points – inception (commit) to completion (prod) – the dashboards also provide crucial information about the overall vitality and performance metrics of your software operations.